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Collection: Vaginal Refresh? Is your kitty ready to spring into action?

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Yoni steams, scrubs and oils are the ultimate at home luxury self care practice that you can add to your routine. So you may be asking, what is a yoni steam? A yoni steam is the practice of using natural herbs that are placed in boiling water, as the herbs are boiled they emit their oils into the steam which as you guessed it, goes into and on your yoni. This practice has been enjoyed by many for years.


Benefits of Yoni Steam Include:

 ✨Reducing vaginal dryness

✨Regulating menstrual cycles

✨Preventing and aiding and chronic yeast infection

✨Boosting low libido

✨Treating symptoms of menopause

✨My Personal favorite - releasing emotional pain, trauma and negative energy in the Sacral and Root Chakras!

Benefits of Yoni Scrub Include:

✨Treats Ingrown Hairs

✨Removes Dead Skin Cells

✨Smooths Bumps Around The Bikini Line

✨Helps With Hyperpigmentation

Benefits of Yoni Oil:

✨Helps decrease ingrown hair

✨Softens Skin

✨Moisturize Bikini Area